•We model excellence within our church so that each member feels empowered by love.

•Excellence in customer service. How we treat our members.

•We deliver the word of God to empower. (Finance, culture, love, marriage, etc.)

• We deliver humbleness to maintain the spirit of love within the church.

•We encourage a basic diet through Bible classes and small group settings.

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105 Pine Grove Rd. Locust Grove, GA    |   See Map

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Our Mission:

Helping others, Help Themselves


Our Commitment Responsibilities:

LOE offers support and implement the vision and mission of the ministry.  We offer and lead in efforts to deliver a healthy spirtual diet for all disciples of the ministry.  We offer and coordinate leadership training to help build future leaders of the ministry.  We offer and deliver weekly bible study courses, oversee all other pillar relations within the ministry; oversee all functionalities of the ministrythat directly impacts the vision and the mission of the ministry.